Aboriginal Dreamtime Healing

How Aboriginal Dreamtime Healing Works

Aboriginal Dreamtime Healing allows your Spirit to go back to the cause of the imbalance or effect and learn the lessons and release/externalize any trauma so the need to keep learning the karmic lesson is done. Then you can move on, clear the effects and blocks and live the life you want.

The Australian Aboriginal recognized that every living thing is alive; a tree, water, rocks, animals or an area/land and all living things have a life force; known as a Spirit, (this is different from the soul). The Spirit can be stuck in cycles of trauma from the past, just as the Soul can be stuck in the genetic cellular memory trauma of the ancestors, the beliefs, the programs and any experiences through time. Both Soul and Spirit can be communicated with, but only your Spirit knows the how, where, when and why any created reality was created. Thus it can assist you to access and enfold space and time upon those dimensions of the past. Below are some case studies (www.holographickinetics.net) to help you further understand how repeating patterns in life are created from an Aboriginal dreamtime perspective, based on the ancient Aboriginal knowledge of Dreamtime healing and universal laws.

For more information on this amazing healing modality or to enquire about a session contact James Pask on 0411 752 825 or james@rezinate.com.au.

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