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Case Study: Genetic/Ancestraline Line – Cause of the Effect


When this client arrived he stated that he had a money problem

I can’t hang onto money when I get it, You see, I had this property left to me in a will, it was worth over a million dollars, When I received it I discussed with my wife whether to sell it or keep it, if we were to put it on the market and sell we could possibly come out with about $650,000 in our hand, but we decided to keep it, well it didn’t take long and the bank was knocking on the door as it was still owed about 350,000, they moved in and auctioned the property off for that amount, we lost everything. I go to the races a lot and I’m very good at picking winners, I have won a number of good size trifectas, but something always happens when I come into money, I just can’t seem to hold onto it.”

I decided to see if I could help, find the cause of that effect, as it seemed there was an issue that needed to be addressed.

I then went through the normal procedure of getting permission using HOLOGRAPHIC KINETICS from all levels to work on this issue, then for permission to access back through time into hyper-space, in doing this we went back to beyond birth, I then asked if we were dealing with a past life or genetic heredity event, what came up was his spirit indicated it was genetic heredity.
I then started to track the genetic hereditary line and it came up on fathers side, then father of father tracking back to the great grandfather, using the STO points at the back of the head and neurovascular points on the forehead I asked the spirit of the client to access that dimension of time that held the potential energy and memory of the event that had been passed down through time, the next moment my fingers while holding the STO points start to heat up, I now know that the crystal with the potential energy is starting to externalise its trapped potential energy as this occurs the cellular memory starts to come through, this is what is recalled..

This is what the spirit of the great grandfather stated, through the body of the client “I’m on this property, and have to work all the time, life is a struggle and I’m meant to be poor.”
What a program, as the spirit is there to obey your every command and thought, so here we have this program locked in through time. The client has a property left to him worth a million dollars. The Spirit is there to obey your every command looks at the biological computer screen, sees the program that you have chosen to take on, that belonged to the great grandfather, “Life is a struggle, and you are meant to be poor”. Well, how can you be poor when you have a million dollars, and as the program that you are hanging onto is, you are meant to be poor and life is a struggle, then to give you what you want, “life is a struggle and you are meant to be poor,” leaves no other choice, but to set up a new game, so you can lose all the money, and you can struggle and be poor, just what you have always wanted, otherwise you would have let go of that issue a long time ago.

I then had the spirit of the client externalise that potential energy being the cause, which had holographically been passed down through the male side of the family, into his blue print today. This then puts a stop to any other male descendants from ever reproducing that same effect. It would morphogenetically clear all the males having had that issue in their blue print, regardless of where they were, no matter how far away they were, as when the universal mind of man is in hyper-space, all things are omnipotent and omnipresent and will be cleared regardless of which relation has the issue in them or where they are.

Two months later I rang the client to see how things were going, the clients response was great, within the first week he had won a big trifecta and money had been rolling in ever since, he was quite pleased with the results as he was able to hang onto the money.

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