Aboriginal Dreamtime Healing

Case Study: Past Life – Cause of the Effect


I have had a number of people look at their asthma and have found some interesting similarities with their spirits stuck in past life trauma.

The mother of this client came along with her fifteen-year-old daughter and the daughter said that she would like to work on the cause of why she had created the asthma.

On obtaining permission from the girl and her spirit, her spirit indicated the cause of the creation of this event was created in her last life, at the age of one. We then accessed back to that cause and the client was reliving a past life as a one-year-old.

She stated, “I’m a baby and I’m lying on the floor over near the fire place. Mum’s nowhere around and I’m by myself in a basinet in the middle of the room. And then a log in the fireplace explodes and a hot cinder flies out of the fire and lands on my hand. I’m screaming, as it burnt me. Finally mum hears me and comes in and runs my hand under cold water.

The only way energy can be captured is with stress, thus the stress point of the body is the lung, through her screaming–the trauma was locked into her spirit. I then have the client’s spirit externalise all of the trapped energy in that internally-created dimension of time and replace that moment of time. (When you change the past, in the present, you change the future.)

I then asked the spirit if we could go to the first age–in this present body–that the sleeper was activated? Permission was granted and the spirit indicated that the age of that manifestation, in present day, was at three years of age. The client was back with the family, it was cracker night and the family had gone out and was at a bonfire when the first asthma attack took place.

This bonfire had been the trigger to the internal sleeper being activated at the stress point, that being the lungs.

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