James has a natural passion and love for bringing your mind and body back into alignment with your Spirit and is always studying new and interesting things to tell people about. James feels that Holographic Kinetics is by far the most effective and transformative healing tool to give your Spirit the freedom to thrive.

Bits About James
Holographic Kinetics Practitioner; James works with people metaphysically to create positive change in their physical life
Gifting people with the amazing knowledge of self-healing through non-traditional methods; using the readily available physical and spiritual nutrition of the Earth to resolve core health issues within people.
The Wolf. He has an innate connection to nature and teaching people how to live in synchronicity with the earth.
The earth is our ultimate Mother!
Benefits of a Holographic Kinetics Session with James Pask
  • Promotes an optimal level of life force energy and freedom of Spirit which enables more peace, creativity, joy, clarity, health and energy in your life
  • Releases blocked energy, suppressed feelings and core cellular memories – ancestral and past life
  • Heals and repairs your past, present and future dreamtime
  • Supports self-healing at all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Improves overall vitality and well-being
Working with James over the last several months has been so incredibly helpful. His approach to healing and personal change is unique, deep, and very effective. James helped me move through a couple of key issues I’d been stuck and frustrated with for some time. Uncovering the underlying (metaphysical) causes allowed me to clear and heal them for good, and to make space to step into a much more empowered and wholesome place within myself (whoo hoo!) James is awesomely good at what he does. He’s grounded, insightful, with many years experience (which shows) – I highly recommend him to anyone looking for real healing and real change. Thank you James, huge gratitude for you and your work!Georgie Cooke
For the past year I had several distance sessions of holographic kinetics/HK with James Pask. He patiently worked with me on complicated issues that had plagued me for years. For several problems I had already tried everything I could think of without success, so my frustration levels were high to start with. Nevertheless I tried to keep an open mind and to put aside unhelpful expectations and beliefs about the true cause of my problems, as clearly nothing I had done before HK had made any difference. Several of our distance sessions have had extraordinary results – you cannot call it anything but sensational when a chronic problem of more than 15 years duration dissipates within 2-3 months of James having worked on that particular issue. Most of the time the results of our sessions have been spectacular and the relief when a long-carried heavy burden finally lifts off one’s shoulders is indescribable.

As a therapist myself, I admire James’ skilled, compassionate approach and his perseverance on my behalf to find the root of the complex problems I have “challenged” him with! His help has been invaluable and I am very grateful to James, his team and Steve Richards, the creator of holographic kinetics.L Wood, 2016

Qualifications and Experience
Holographic Kinetics Certified Practitioner
Taught Holographic Kinetics for 3 Years
Russian Genome Healing Course (Based on Russian Miracle Workers – Dr Arcady Petrov and Gregori Grabavoi)
Kinergetics I & Ii – Work of Phillip Rafferty
Meditation Teachers Training Intensive
Psych-k Certified Facilitator
The Journey Intensive with Brandon Bays
Universal Mediumship Development Classes
Spirit Dance Chakra Workshops
7 Years of Psychic Development Classes
Crystal Healing Workshops
Professional Reading Training
Abundance Mastery Training
Don Tolman Weekend “Bootcamp for Brains” Course