Space Clearing

How energy disturbances can affect your home or office

Everything starts off as energy before it manifests into the physical world. So the energy of something or a place must be the key starting point to make sure things are good in our physical world.

This is a metaphysical world and we have all heard of haunted houses, ghosts, sacred sites etc. There is the visible world that we can see, feel and touch and then there is the invisible world that we might not be able to see. However this invisible energy is affecting us all the same. Therefore it is important to clear and cleanse your space where you nurture and heal, where you and your loved ones live and relax, enjoy, feel safe and protected. And of course the same applies for your office.

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Distant clearings can also be done form anywhere in the world. I then talk you through the setting up your sacred space bit after I do the clearing via a surrogate from my office.

Aboriginal Dreamtime Healing

Life Patterns and the Aboriginal Lore of Attraction

With the Aboriginal Dreamtime understanding we discover that any issue in your life (or what’s affecting you) has a “cause” or “event” behind this effect that took place. The time where you experienced this situation made you feel certain emotions which then created a specific “thought” that got locked in. You made a decision to feel strong emotions in this moment of time about this experience which then formed “beliefs”, which in turn formed into a consciousness (its own thought form). This can be initiated from a time and place in this human life, but the very first cause can also come from either a past life or your genetic/ancestral line (say from your great grandfather for example).

Wherever or whenever this trauma/effect first started from, it starts to form its own consciousness (thoughts are things as they say) and we know the power or energy our thoughts have over our experiences and manifestation of our reality. If it is created in traumatic or negative circumstances, that energy will be captured in that dimension of time (cellular memory etc). This energy consciousness (or thought form) will now try to survive and indeed grow (like everything in the universe) and it will do this by attracting more of the same energy (which will be more similar negative experiences to how and when it was created). You may therefore attract more negative experiences into your life today and in your future lifetimes; until you decide to clear it out.

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