Healing Holidays – 4 day retreats in Bellingen, Australia

Experience deep healing and nature therapywith James and Debbie Pask

James Pask and Debbie Pask run Healing Holidays (retreats) several times a year in the hills of Bellingen in Australia. This assists people to reconnect, rejuvenate and recreate their life the way they want it to be.

Not only do you get a free Holographic Kinetics session with James on the retreat, but James has found that healing is not just about a one-off session. It is also about discovering who and what you are as a Spirit. Plus tune into other aspects of indigenous culture like sound therapy, nature immersion and communicating with the natural world around you (land, plants and animals). These are all experiences James will take you on to achieve true peace, deep connection and healing with yourself and your infinite Spirit. For a full overview of the retreat, please visit Rezinate www.rezinate.com.au/healing-holidays/ Below are the DATES for the retreats.

  • 4 Day Healing Retreat
  • Taught by James and Debbie Pask
  • Supercharge your self-healing techniques and transform yourself and those around you
  • Spaces are limited so don’t miss out

The Retreats run several times throughout 2018 and are available to anyone in Australia and Overseas.



  • Bellingen NSW
  • Bellingen NSW
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  • Mar 15- 19 2018
  • May 3- 7 2018

Don’t miss out on your spot at the next retreat. Contact James Pask, on 0411 752 825

For more information on the retreat or to ask questions – contact James Pask or visit http://www.rezinate.com.au/healing-holidays/
Mobile: 0411 752 825
Email: james@rezinate.com.au