Your True Nature 2-day Eco-Spiritual Retreats in Sydney & Byron Bay, Australia

Experience deep healing and nature therapy with James Pask

Join James Pask for a 2-day eco-spiritual retreat in the deep space of NATURE for a journey into reconnection with the sacred energy of Mother Earth.

We are so disconnected from Mother Earth and the natural world around us, but we are meant to be connected to nature. It’s what we are, what we are made of. Creation isn’t complete until you realize who you truly are and why you are here. This is your chance.



Combining indigenous training with nature questing and interspecies communication – you won’t find a more powerful 2-Day retreat. Connect to the rhythms of nature, tap into the frequencies of the earth’s energy, and gain clarity and guidance from the natural world.

  • Disconnect from technology and life clutter
  • Reflect inwards to find your own peace and centre
  • Learn the art of forest bathing and nature questing
  • Answer some deep questions about your life direction
  • Communicate properly w/ the natural world & find your place in it.

Event dates
Sydney: TBC 2021 Dates
Byron Bay: Coming Soon details here

The retreats run several times throughout the year and are available to anyone in Australia and overseas.

  • 2-Day Nature immersion
  • Taught by James Pask
  • Techniques handed down to James through unique teachers with indigenous lineage
  • Spaces are limited so don’t miss out
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Don’t miss out on your spot at the next retreat. For more information on the retreat or to ask questions – contact James Pask
Mobile: 0411 752 825 or Email:




“Thank you for a great retreat and time away from my regular life. This was embracing and time well spent with total strangers who were warm, welcoming and kind. I really enjoyed the space the air, the food and the whole experience. For such a short time it felt like I’d been away longer and that really re-charged my batteries.”