James is trained in several healing modalities including Holographic Kinetics, Energy Medicine, Intuitive Body Healing, Psych-K, Family Constellation, Questing, Kinergetics and more…

Face to Face


Per Session
  • Sydney/Byron Bay
  • 75minutes

Long Distance


Per Session
  • Surrogacy Global availability; Phone/Skype follow-up
  • 75 minutes

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Face to Face Healing Sessions
Byron Bay Office Ocean shores, 2483
Sydney Office – currently CLOSED due to COVID 19Excen Centre, 119 Willoughby Road, Crows Nest NSW, 2065
Distance Healing Sessions

For anyone not living in Sydney, Byron Bay or Coffs Coast Australia, James can do a distance healing session with you no matter where you are in the world. A Holographic Kinetics distance session requires 2 practitioners (one as a surrogate), therefore the cost is $250 per session. To find out more, email james@rezinate.com.au.

After our session yesterday, I certainly wasn’t sure what to expect. Although I think I am in a state of spiritual awakening, still am very much a believer of what my mind can comprehend or can be logically argued. However, when I went to bed last night I felt my back and hip pain was less than I expected especially as I had done some heavy duty work in the garden that morning. During the night I got up once and was a bit amazed that pain was probably 50% of normal. I woke and got up to about 20% of normal and right now after sitting in the car for 6 hours (normally a killer) have almost no pain. Not sure what’s going on but looking forward to next session on Wednesday. Cheers, best wishes and a huge thank you!Grahame