Space Clearing

So what can cause negative energies that can affect your space you live or work in?

Every time you are thinking negative thoughts about yourself or others or if you are arguing with someone or feeling anxious or stressed in your house or office, this energy can linger and stay in the building. If this type of energy occurs a lot (bad feelings, arguing stress etc) it can get stored there and it can build up over time storing in the molecules of the walls and floors, creating a negative space that needs to be cleared. What may happen after a while is when you enter that space, even if you were feeling good, the energy of the space can bring you down and negatively affect you (as described in the above bullet points).

You can also be affected by emotional deposits from previous occupants of your home, office or even the land your space is built on from what was happening in this house/space in the past.
What I find a lot when doing clearings for people is they move into their new home or office and are excited about the change, then after a while they realise that ever since they moved to this new space they have felt bad, been sick, depressed, had bad luck, experience trouble in their relationships, having financial difficulties or more.

To give you an example, the last people that owned your house might have had massive financial stress and had to sell because they were losing everything, lost jobs, cars repossessed and eventually had to sell their house. Imagine for a minute the negative energy, stress and worry they would have been going through and the energy that was left in that house. Then you come along and buy that house and unless you clear the energy out of the house, it can stay there as invisible thought forms. You may then start to have money trouble as well, but you just chalk it up to life or ups and downs but you could be dealing with the influence of negative energy in your home or office left by somebody else.

What about if the house was sold because the last couple fought horribly in that house for years and it ended in a nasty divorce? When you buy a house you do step into the energy in the house that you are buying. Have you been fighting a lot more lately?? Or offices where the last business partners had a big falling out or they went broke…are you getting the picture here?

What about if someone died in your house? You don’t know the history of your house (especially if it’s an older house) and many people pass away in their houses and sometimes they can stick around there and become earth bound because they are confused or don’t want to leave. They may be stuck in time and you may have a spirit in your house. What can happen is the trauma of their death, how they were feeling etc. can be stuck in the space and start to affect you personally.

For example you might buy a house where someone in the past has taken their own life because they were severely depressed and then you move in and after a while start feeling depressed yourself because you are being affected by the spirit still stuck in the house and the energy there.

The other thing to consider is the land that your space is built upon. Everything in nature is alive and the land you are on has a spirit and can be affected or carrying negative energy or trauma from past experiences (think how long the earth has been here). It may have witnessed traumatic events like war, death of human and animals or it could be a sacred site and the spirit of the land may not be happy (or the ancestors watching over the sacred site) may not be happy with you living there without asking permission or showing due respect.

For more information or to organise a space clearing for your home or office, email me at

Distant clearings can also be done form anywhere in the world. I then talk you through the setting up your sacred space bit after I do the clearing via a surrogate from my office.

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