Space Clearing

Setting up your sacred space

Once I have cleared the energy of your space it is recommended that we grid your space with some very specific crystals used as protective stones for thousands of years and place them in each corner of the house or office. Then we need to set up your intentions into your space and set up healing and protection circles around the space. Usually I do one around your bedroom, one around your house and then the third one around your property. As we both imagine drawing these protective boundaries around your space, we both put the intentions of what you want and do not want in your space. I have specific things I always cover off and then we can customize it for your desire, e.g. abundance, harmonious relationships (whatever it is you would like to improve in your life).

Smudging regularly with the dried herb white sage or the essential oil Frankincense, helps to clear away stuck, negative energy and stops it from building up again after it has been properly cleared by someone who really knows what they are dealing with. These types of things aren’t to be played around with if you don’t know what you are doing.

The next pages are some case studies I have experienced to really help you understand the importance of recognizing the impact the metaphysical world can have on us and the need to show it respect and understand the importance of clearing your space and setting it up properly for you and your loved ones or work mates.

For more information or to organise a space clearing for your home or office, email me at

Distant clearings can also be done form anywhere in the world. I then talk you through the setting up your sacred space bit after I do the clearing via a surrogate from my office.

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