Space Clearing

Case Study 1: Sacred Land

I got called out to do a clearing at a friend’s place that was seeing and feeling a couple of spirits around, one a young girl and one a black older man. Sure enough that is what I found there as well and the little girl died there and was jealous of this lady living and having a good time. She was trying to disrupt her fun with noises etc to make her feel bad like she had. We cleared her trauma and moved her on. When it came to the other spirit, this was a different matter. It was an older Aboriginal man who had been appointed to stay behind and watch over the sacred land site that was at the back of her property and he was fine, did not want to go until he had fulfilled his duty, he meant no harm and we just acknowledged him and left him to do his thing. The beauty of this is that my friend now has a beautiful connection and respect for the land near her home and feels even more connected to her home knowing it is a special Aboriginal sacred place. She has been studying with us for years developing her psychic senses so it was also great confirmation for her to see and feel this beautiful spirit. So remember spirits aren’t bad as they can be there for all sorts of reasons, it’s about safely communicating with them, and clearing their trauma so they can move on.

For more information or to organise a space clearing for your home or office, email me at

Distant clearings can also be done form anywhere in the world. I then talk you through the setting up your sacred space bit after I do the clearing via a surrogate from my office.

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