Space Clearing

Case Study 2: Spirit waiting for husband to return from WW2

A group of us were doing The Holographic Kinetics course and someone who was staying in a motel was being woken up with a table banging over in the middle of the night and when he woke up he could smell smoke and had this urge to gamble (he previously never gambled and it was a non-smoking room). We decided to surrogate the spirit of whatever the disturbance was into a student at the course and see what was going on. What came up was that it was a female spirit in the room who had died there waiting for her husband to return from the war (this is why she didn’t move on in case he came back and she wouldn’t be there for him). She was smoking and playing cards when she died (hence the smoke smell and feeling like a gambler) so we cleared the trauma of her death and her husband not returning from war so she was able to move on. From that night on the table banging, smell of smoke and feelings of gambling stopped.

For more information or to organise a space clearing for your home or office, email me at

Distant clearings can also be done form anywhere in the world. I then talk you through the setting up your sacred space bit after I do the clearing via a surrogate from my office.

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